Trends in Brand Naming

Naming a brand or a company is one of the greatest opportunities to differentiate your business in the market. It can also be one of the biggest challenges. With the explosion of Apps and other digital products, consumers are constantly encountering new names and brands. How are brands competing for attention? Here’s a look at some trends in brand naming from the last two years.
Franken-names, or the combination of two seemingly unrelated words, are a great way to position your brand with a functional name.
Examples: Pinterest and Evernote
When using direct-naming, you’ll want to make sure you apply a strategic process to arrive at the right solution. A simple name may look easy to execute but rarely is. You’ll also need the marketing dollars behind the brand to secure URLs and navigate through the trademark process.
Examples: Jelly and Nest
Developing a completely original name can be very beneficial. Unique names are associated with forward thinking and creativity, giving your company an edge.
Examples: BonVoyou and Mocavo
Names that are built on phrases can be easy to remember since they’re already part of the consumer’s vocabulary. They may also have the additional benefit of generating organic traffic to your website if your name is aligned with search.
Examples: WhosHere and iLikeMusic
Studies have shown that alliteration can act as a tool for better memory.  Repeating similar sounds in your name sounds nice, and it helps you stand out against your competition.
Examples: Sound Supply and Cause Cast
When it comes to the name game a strategic process should always be applied during development. No matter your business goals, you’ll want to ensure your name is strategically sound so your brand story resonates with customers, equity can be built quickly and you avoid any trademark conflicts before going to market.
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