It's Worth Traveling 7,500 Miles for a Graphic Design Internship at C2 Creative

Meet Wendy, a 23 year old student from Pensacola College. Originally from Taiwan, Wendy ventured to the U.S. after receiving her degree in fine arts to pursuit her love for graphic design. On break from classes, Wendy traveled to Chicago to get a taste of city life, and to intern at C2 Creative.
Wendy and I sat down at a local coffee shop to talk about her experience in the Windy City, her current design inspirations, and most importantly, to drink some much needed coffee.
When did you start having an interest in graphic design?
I started drawing when I was really young, and my mom noticed at an early age that I had a talent for it, so she signed me up for drawing classes. When it was time for college, I originally went to a university for fine arts. During that time, my university had a contest for students to enter logo designs for the art department. And I won! After that is when I realized I really wanted to go into design.
What in design or advertising is your current inspiration?
I get inspiration from window shopping, and looking through magazines. In advertising, I really like Coca-Cola and Pepsi. They have the best advertising. And Starbucks, I love their package design.
What have you learned at your internship with C2?
I’ve really learned to just focus, and to work on something without being distracted. At C2 they’re really good at listening to their clients problems, and figuring out how to solve them. I’ve learned to focus on the solution to the problem to.
Do you have any other agency experience?
Yes, I do. This is my fourth internship. I interned at Isobar, Atomic Graphic, and at Chung Din Real Estate Advertising Agency.
How do you feel design differs between here and Taiwan?
In America, they really focus on new ideas and they appreciate design. In Taiwan, they have an old way of thinking, and they use a lot of celebrity endorsements. Design is progressing, but very, very slowly.
What’s your experience been like in the Windy City?
I love Chicago. Everyone is so nice. I hope to find a job here when I graduate.
When will you graduate?
In May, this year.
What are your career goals after graduation?
I’d be happy to work anywhere, but I’ve really enjoyed working at a smaller agency like C2 Creative. I’ve learned so much while I’ve been here.
What are you looking forward to the most about graduating?
Just to work, save some money, and explore America.
That wraps it up for now on the intern feed. Check in later for more exciting stories through the eyes of an intern.

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