Local artist Jim Bachor takes creativity to the streets

Congratulations are in order. Local artist Jim Bachor made the news last week for his creative way of fixing Chicago’s potholes. Rather than covering potholes with a standard heap of tar, Bachor has been filling the ban of Chicago drivers with his unique, mosaic artwork. Fox News chronicled the creation of his latest art installment in four segments that you can watch here.
Bachor discovered his passion for mosaic art several years ago volunteering on an archeological dig in Pompeii, Italy. Fascinated by history, he finds the staying power of mosaic art to be “simply amazing, because an ancient mosaic today will look exactly as it did when it was created two millennia ago.” In fact, Bachor uses the same techniques as our ancient ancestors, creating artwork that he describes as “speaking of modern things using an ancient voice.”
For contact information or to see more of Jim Bachor’s work, visit his responsive website (that C2 Creative produced) at http://bachor.com.

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