Allowing your brand room to grow

As a branding agency, your deepest cuts are the ones no one sees. While many brands include iconic pictures, there are many more failed brands using too much creativity. Imagine how dated the timeless Star Wars font would be if it contained a 70’s style star. Think of the implied limitations if Lego’s simple four letters also included their block holes. Some branding may even unwittingly foreshadow a company’s doom such as the throwaway ticket stub image of Blockbuster or the kicked to the curb Pinto logo. One wrong detail can take away a brand’s lasting impact.
Growing corporations regularly up cycle their brand in carefully strategic ways.
Like the ongoing simplification of Starbucks and Amazon logos, some companies keep their identity recognizable while emphasizing new possibilities. Others, like Disney or Darden, drop part of their name to expand and some, like Airbnb and IHOP, add something new. Change itself isn’t inspiring, but purposeful changes are.
Your branding should allow you room to grow.
You want to live into your potential so remember the simplest brand image doesn’t always win, the one that connects the most does. Being creative is not always about making the most novel concept, sometimes it is about making the one so well-edited it feels natural and effortless.

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