Five Simple Tips for Working with Marketing Clients Overseas – 5個與海外市場營銷客戶合作的簡單提示

1) Adjust to your clients workflow
If you work with a client in the Pacific Rim, you’re at least 12 hours behind their workday. To catch up with their work flow, you need to prepare your team for regular after hours work or dedicate an existing team to servicing overseas clients. The ability to respond to client requests overnight and deliver solutions by the time they get into the office is a giant trust builder.
如果你是在環太平洋地區與客戶工作, 工作時差至少相差12小時. 為了要趕上他們的工作流程,你必須要下班後為了你的工作團隊來做定期跟專門的準備,以為了來服務你的海外客戶. 這樣的對客戶能力回應,從隔夜作業到傳送解決方案,到他們進辦公室時準時接收到是一個巨大的信任工程.
2) Pick a communication tool and stick with it
There are numerous ways to connect with clients, so it’s important that you quickly establish a preferred method for real-time meetings so everyone knows where to login as well is frequently used links, passwords and meeting codes. We prefer Skype but Google Hangouts is another great option, although it might not prove as seamless for all clients. Remember, if you do use Skype download the app and use it on your phone too.
有許多種跟客戶連接的方式, 所以快速的建立一個真實模擬會議的參考模式,以讓大家知道從何處來頻繁的鍵接密碼,及瞭解會議的代碼. 我們比較喜歡用Skype,不過Google及Hangouts也是別種不錯的選項,雖然說不是能適用於所有的客戶.記住,如果你有用到Skype的話,也請記得下載它的App以至於能在手機上使用.
3) The banking details
Make sure you have your bank wire transfer information and process ready before the client requests it so you don’t lose time coordinating the details.
請確保在客戶要求前,你有準備好銀行的電匯資訊跟其過程. 以不至於會浪費掉協調細節的時間
4) Get to know your client’s holiday schedule
While American holidays typically last a day or a weekend at most, New Year’s celebrations in Hong Kong run over a week. So it’s not highly unusual to lose contact with a client for a few days. Check your client’s country of residence calendar before assuming that something has gone horribly wrong.
雖然美國的假日最多持續一天或是一個週末,在香港的慶祝新年往往超過一個禮拜. 也因此這樣,在幾天內失聯及損失掉客戶是件極不尋常的事. 事先查好你的海外客戶其地區性的日曆,避免造成某些事情上的恐慌
5) Have patience
Collaborating with you may be your clients first venture into marketing in the US, and if there isn’t a language barrier, there will most likely be a gap between marketing nomenclature and overall marketing expertise. Take time to confirm strategy, deliverables, production specifications and creative direction. We typically share sketches with our clients and include them in our proposals to ensure everyone has a visual reference of the deliverables. Within a few months this will help create a common project vernacular.
在美國,你有可能與客戶初次嘗試市場營銷,如果沒有語言上的障礙, 則極有可能是市場營銷上的術語和整體營銷的專業知識之間的差距. 你需要花時間來確定謀略,交付,生產各種規格及創作方向.我們通常分享草稿給客戶, 其中包含他們在我們的建議中來確保每個人都有視覺上的傳達意境. 在短短幾個月內,這將有助於建立一個共同的項目方言.

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