The lost art of business card design

There have been countless articles about business cards and the first impression they can make. This isn’t a retread of that article. Rather we wanted to showcase a few of our clients who understand the importance of branding and allowed us rethink their identity starting with their business card.
Line2 is a technology company cloud phone service app. It became obvious to us that the phone number made a statement about their business and the large type it became a conversation starter during meeting introductions.
Foiled Cupcakes
We had the opportunity to work with Foiled Cupcakes as their start up was rapidly expanding. Their original cards were a good start for their launch but as the company culture evolved they wanted their cards to reflect that same persona. We introduced a new color palette, created a hierarchy and made had each card reveal something interesting about the one carrying it.
Pogue Construction
If you’ve driven past a construction site lately you’ve probably wouldn’t describe it as colorful or consumer friendly. Pogue is challenging that idea with with fresh look that includes business cards showcasing the people that make their projects a success.
If there’s one rule in business card design that doesn’t get spoken about enough it’s let your personality show through. If that means getting rid of all the typical information on the front of a business card that so be it. Who said there were any rules in business and branding?