Branding in the Mobility Category

Last night I attended a presentation by Yogesh Chavda on the future of mobility and the connected car. Yogesh walked us through a framework to make sense of where mobility is headed. One of my takeaways was the huge potential the Chinese and Indian markets will play in defining the next generation of automotive technology.
He’s also a P&G veteran. Like any good P&G alumni he did talk about the brands beginning to shape the mobility landscape. There are countless connected car, mobility, and IoT startups around the world racing to be first to market with a technology solution. During the talk it became clear that many of these startups lacked the human element in their communications and branding.
Some may argue these brands are so focused on there product they don’t have time to worry about their branding but I think this is a missed opportunity. I believe the companies that keep and eye on their brand and how it fits into the larger technology puzzle will have a better shot at evolving their business into the next generation of the connected car.

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