A little graphic design experimentation never hurt anyone

There’s been a proliferation of graphic design inspiration through various hashtags on Instagram and other social platforms. Many of the design techniques are interesting but most we’d have a hard time applying them in our day-to-day client work. We thought participating in something like #PosterAWeek would be a good outlet for some experimentation.
The goal here is to experiment with tools and techniques—not create master works, so we needed to put some time parameters on this exercise. The first rule is to keep the hands on keyboard time to an hour per poster. The second rule is there are no other rules.
The first few weeks of the year have been building off of styles that we’re fans of. Moving ahead we’re fine tuning some ideas to carve out our own voice in the #PosterAWeek and #PosterADay stream. Below are a few samples of what we’ve creative to date.

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