Why every good idea deserves a fighting chance

We believe that good ideas come from all sorts of places, and the turn of fate that gives some innovators the means to flood the market doesn’t mean they have superior merit.
In fact, startups and small companies are often more innovative and produce better ideas than larger, more established ones. It is their hunger, the fact that they are of challenged means, that drives them, requires them to be innovative.
Good ideas matter because innovation drives the marketplace. Innovation from upstarts pushes larger companies to build a better mouse trap. On the idea front, it is the big players that are playing catch up.
If the small guys are given a fighting chance.
Small businesses and startups deserve at least a leveled playing field. We’re not talking about subsidies or hand outs – just equal consideration from collaborators. The little guys are at a disadvantage from the standpoint of resources. They have less money. A smaller footprint. Little clout. No name recognition or reputation. But what they have in spades is brilliance and chutzpah. They are boot strappers. Self made men and women.
We love working with the little guys, because we’re a little guy too. We’re not a seven layer deep mega agency from Madison Avenue. We’re a scrappy group of experts from Chicago and San Antonio and Los Angeles.
So if you’ve got a good idea and are trying to bring it to market, we’re here to support you with creative designs, strategic direction, and digital engagement.

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