10 Reasons You’ll Be Glad You Chose C2 Creative as Your Branding Partner

You’ve started your business, you’re up and running, but you know your branding and marketing could go to the next level. You know you need a strategic partner but you’re not sure how to choose one. We’ve been helping brand managers, creative directors, and marketing leaders deliver creative ideas that drive brand growth for over 10 years here in Chicago.

Are we the right fit for your next branding, advertising, or marketing project? From branding to digital experiences and much more, explore how we partner with our clients to add value to their brands.

We’re your strategic partner from start to finish.

From big picture planning, strategic workshops, to concept creation, we partner with our clients to uncover the big idea, bring it to life, define success, and build a plan for the future.

Hyper-local. Global reach.

Our roots are in the Windy City, but our relationships reach from Charlotte to Shanghai and beyond. Our midwest roots give us a perspective you won’t find on either coast. We’re grounded, real, and always less focused on winning awards, and all about creating true business success for our partners.

We’re known for real-world branding.

We’re a real-world branding and creative marketing consultancy that uncovers insights, develops meaningful ideas, and connects with customers where it counts.

We’re idea people.

We develop ideas that solve real business problems. They move the needle. Get results. Any idea that doesn’t do that isn’t a creative idea.

We speak acronyms.

We have expertise in a wide range of B2B, B2C, and B2G industries including technology, healthcare, construction, and non-profits.

A name you can remember.

We could have named our agency Campanology and Chaetophorous Associates Worldwide but we thought it would be a little easier to call it C2 Creative.

Small is the new big.

Small teams, big ideas is more than our tagline. It’s a better way of doing business because it removes the inherent bureaucracy and costs associated with traditional agencies.

We provide the talent of a large agency while maintaining our entrepreneurial spirit, and the day-to-day engagement of a dedicated team. This makes it easy for us to adjust agilely for timely and effective campaigns.

We’re fiercely independent.

We answer to our clients and ourselves. No multinational conglomerates holding us down, no corporate overlords, and no revenue to support a struggling office in parts unknown. Every dollar that comes into our organization is invested in talent and tools to deliver solutions for your brand.

We could be the best branding team you’ve ever worked with.

We don’t like to brag, so we’ll just let some of our clients do the talking[1] .

We’re creatively driven.

What does that mean for you? We’ve removed the traditional bureaucracy that you’ll find at other organizations and you’ll be working directly with the people that have hands on your business. Less waste. Faster pace. Better results.

Let’s build something awesome.

We’re ready to make the magic happen. Get in touch to see what we can do.

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