C2 Creative and Michael Zenke Photography Begin Collaboration on Visual Storytelling

We’re excited to be collaborating with Michael Zenke as we continue to find new ways to deliver solutions to our clients. Michael brings a fresh perspective to our team — he’s always looking to leverage the power of photography to help our clients strengthen their brand.

One trend in business over the last decade has led to organizations becoming more transparent. As this movement continues, we believe there are opportunities to tell impactful human stories and create more authentic content. 

Another trend has been for B2B brands to behave more like B2C brands. As these lines blur it’s increasingly important for businesses to communicate with a more unique voice, both verbally and visually. Having a photographer as a part of the day-to-day client team can bring a lot of value as we concept campaigns, document events, and capture all types of other moments that are unique to a client’s culture.

I see the opportunity to help businesses tell their story in a way that allows them to be seen both as who they are, as well as how they want to be seen. I believe the strongest tool is to be observant and allow the images to take shape, reflecting the culture and personal relationships that make each company unique. Being able to use the lens as a tool to illustrate to the public the intricacies and untold stories of who the company is and what they do.
– Michael Zenke

This is beyond picture taking. Almost anyone can pull out their phone today, take a photo and upload it to their social feed. What we’re doing is more strategic. We’re identifying themes that are unique to a brand and aligning these with quarterly or yearly objectives. Over time this adds up to a richer experience, deeper customer connections, and becomes a living expression of the brand.

We’ve engaged Michael over the last year on a few client assignments. The more we collaborated the more we saw the potential for this approach to help brands differentiate. It’s a little different than a typical marketing campaign because it tends to be more organic, and that’s what makes it special. There are moments and events that aren’t manufactured and that’s what we’re trying to capture.

If your business or brand is looking for a way to differentiate, call or email us now.

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