How to Facilitate a Brand Scorecard Conversation

We recently discussed how important it is to regularly evaluate your business against a brand scorecard. Doing so ensures your business is up-to-date on market and industry trends as well as keeps your entire team moving in the same direction.

But, how do you ensure you have the right people in the room to facilitate a beneficial conversation without succumbing to groupthink or analysis paralysis?

Who should be in the room (or Zoom) where it happens?

It’s essential to make your conversation an open roundtable. You should encourage individuals from different departments to participate. If your company is large enough, your executive team should be involved. If your company is smaller, we recommend involving at least one person from sales, operations, marketing, and your executive team.

Facilitating a productive conversation doesn’t stop with getting these individuals in the room; you must then listen to them. Make it clear that no ideas are wrong and that everyone should be forthcoming with their thoughts. You don’t have to incorporate every piece of feedback from your employees, but consider it all within the context of your brand.

How can you have a productive conversation?

Start by having each of your team members compile and review all of your customer touchpoints from the last 12-18 months. Then, everyone should fill out their copy of the brand scorecard in silence. No need to discuss answers at this point; just write down your thoughts. Your team should complete this portion in 10 minutes or less. Avoid overthinking the questions and go with your gut instinct.

Once everyone has totaled their scores, open up a dialogue. You can begin by asking what people scored each area or for total scores. From there, encourage participants to discuss why they gave different ratings. Make it evident from the beginning that all ideas are welcome, but that your group should also play devil’s advocate and discuss both sides of every concept.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

You don’t need to come to any conclusions in this first meeting, just gathering insights and inputs is vital in guiding the next steps. Form a smaller committee to digest and organize this feedback before translating it into actionable brand steps.

Regroup after determining the next steps to roll-out your new brand. Ensure your entire team understands and is on board with your brand.

From there, you can start rolling your new brand out. In 6 months, the process begins again. However, if you’re doing the brand scorecard exercise correctly, you’ll set your brand up for long term success and will only need to make small adjustments along the way.

Bring in fresh eyes.

Sometimes an outside perspective can bring new ideas to light. If you need help scorecarding your brand or want advice on the next steps, call or email today.

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