Modern Marketing Strategies: Shoppable Posts

When was the last time you got an email newsletter and you immediately wanted a product pictured, but then when you clicked through, you realized you had to scour the website in search of the product? Your customers feel the same frustration when they see an awesome product in your marketing but can’t immediately purchase it.

Today, buyers want less friction in their brand interactions: fewer sites to visit, fewer overall clicks, faster results. Even Amazon has implemented a “Buy Now” button on product pages that streamlines the checkout process. Shoppable posts are a great strategy you can incorporate into your Instagram and Pinterest strategies to reduce friction for prospects.

What are shoppable posts?

Shoppable posts are available on Instagram and Pinterest. Users can utilize the feature to tag products in the same way they would tag other accounts in a post. Posts that use this feature make it incredibly easy for a user to click right into the product page to buy. 

Especially now that interactions happen so much more often on mobile devices, it’s important to make buying from you as painless as possible for your potential customers.

Who is using shoppable posts in their marketing today?

World Market does a great job using shoppable posts on their Instagram feed. Instead of displaying their products on a clean white background, World Market showcases them in action. The custom set up of products makes it feel more like a post from your friend showing off their kitchen and gives off a FOMO vibe rather than a sales-oriented one.

How can I implement shoppable posts in my marketing?

Shoppable posts are a great way to drive engagement and relevance through hyper-targeting. Develop posts highlighting your products in the way that your buyers will use them. Show off the lifestyle of your ideal customer in posts highlighting your products. Use shoppable posts on Instagram or Pinterest to link directly to the showcased products.

You can bring the same concept to other platforms by ensuring you include specific product links with photos. Focus on making the purchase process as straightforward as possible. For example, Amazon recently mailed out their Holiday Gift Guide. This product catalog features the top toys for this year’s holiday season. Shoppers can open up the Amazon app on their phone, point it at an item on the catalog, and are taken directly to that product’s page in the app.

When you’re ready to get started, try one of your top-selling products first. You may need to do some A/B testing first to optimize conversions. If your business has a borderline impulse buy item, that would be perfect for testing out with shoppable posts. Create content that highlights the item in action, framing it from your buyer’s point of view.

Key takeaways

Today,  consumers are looking for a frictionless experience: fewer questions on forms, fewer buttons to click, faster delivery.  Shoppable posts are a great opportunity to experiment with a new sales channel and make your social content work harder for you.  

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