Conversations with Creatives

This is the first in what I hope becomes a series of podcast interviews with Graphic Design students about to enter the workforce. I also plan on doing a series with seasoned professionals and to document different perspectives on the industry. Hopefully it brings some insights to those entering the business, their expectations on their future in design, and those looking to hire new talent. Read Post

Why World Domination Starts With Your Brand

What is a brand and why you shouldn’t do business without one

Despite the word being out there and on just about every business leader’s lips, I am continually impressed by the near-universal lack of understanding of a) what a brand is and b) just how important brands are. It is an absolutely essential core element to the functioning of a business, yet it is not only misunderstood but sometimes whole-heartedly disregarded. Read Post

Involving Your Branding Agency in Early-Stage Brand Planning

Congratulations! You’re expecting a brand! During these exciting gestational months, you’ll be addressing a lot of important issues—brand positioning, target audience selection, and value propositions, to name just a few. Discussing these issues requires a team approach. But is the team you’ve assembled inclusive enough? Read Post

A little graphic design experimentation never hurt anyone

There’s been a proliferation of graphic design inspiration through various hashtags on Instagram and other social platforms. Many of the design techniques are interesting but most we’d have a hard time applying them in our day-to-day client work. We thought participating in something like #PosterAWeek would be a good outlet for some experimentation. Read Post