Mission, Vision, And Values – Classics For A Good Reason

Why these classic elements of brand strategy are still legitimate

Over the years, we’ve seen many attempts to reinvent the classic Mission, Vision, Values (M/V/V) paradigm, but usually what we find is a semantic rather than substantive modification. Read Post

Wheat, Hops, Barley, and Just a Little Bit of Magic

Is your brewery brand all it can be?

There is an ongoing renaissance across this great country – a food renaissance, where we are moving away from tasteless, mass produced, homogeneous food and going back to artisanal, crafted products that are made with a lot more attention to what is going into them. Read Post

You Can’t Just Collect Underpants and Expect to Profit

Why business strategy is about more than having the best product

We’ve all been in situations before where we’ve gotten overly excited about the awesomeness of our product or service and completely ignored the need for a well-developed business strategy. It is like the Underpants Gnomes from the show Southpark, who have a diabolical plan to generate profit in three easy phases: Read Post

The Game Of 20 Questions

A simple exercise that identifies some incredibly important information about your brand

We’ve talked before about why you shouldn’t run a business without a good sense of your brand. So now we’re going to give you a peak behind the velvet curtain and into the highly complicated method that is at the beginning of that definition process. Read Post