Launching a global brand.

Contact lenses represent a $12B global market and is growing everyday as disposable lenses become cheaper to manufacture. With brands like Hubble and Waldo embracing the direct to consumer subscription market the contact lens category is measuring up to be competitive as any in healthcare. Aveo Contact Lenses has ambitious goals for the category and had developed a global distribution footprint for their brand. C2 Creative developed the initial brand launch kit, website, and a variety of social media content for the Aveo launch.

We also had the opportunity to develop naming for the initial product lines. Choosing the right name for a product or business may be the most important marketing decision you ever make. Our goal is to crystalize the essence of your brand in as succinct a name as possible with the hopes that the name that becomes its own story. We believe that a successful name brings personality, functionality and symbolism together in a simple form.

Naming a brand is a lot like playing the piano. It looks easy until you have to do it. But following a rigorous process, being true to the brand promise, and getting customer feedback can fundamentally improve the chance of the name’s success and long term value.

The color (aka colour) contact line we were naming needed to be direct and clear for global translation purposes. Throughout our process we generated dozens of name across various categories and the idea of True became the anchor we built the name around.




With TrueColor as the final selection we moved into the packaging phase. The contact lens space is traditionally produces very clinical driven packaging that’s usually reserved for the medicine cabinet. Aveo was looking for something that would relate more to the image conscious consumer. We developed a packaging solution that fit in the consumers image conscious world and could accommodate the multiple product variations.

Launch Video

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