Redefining the Restaurant Industry

If you’ve ever used a service like Doordash, Uber Eats, or a similar service chances are Chowly worked behind the scenes to get your order from your phone to the restaurant. We like to call Chowly the magic in the middle as the redefine the restaurant category through better technology.

Chowly is the classic startup story. It started as a few people passionate about the restaurant space and technology working out of a spare room with an idea. How can we simplify the ordering process for customers and restaurants so everyone has a better experience? From there it’s been off to the races with a team of 100+ employees.

As Chowly’s profile elevated the need to rethink how their brand image. C2 Creative partnered with Chowly to strategically position their brand, develop a creative platform and ultimately revamp their website. Over the last year Chowly has experienced tremendous growth and secured several partnerships that are positioning them as a driver in the POS integration space.

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