Take me to the top

TopBloc is fast growing, Chicago based technology company providing solutions to enterprise level companies as they transition to Workday. Like many startups experiencing exponential growth, a brand strategy, narrative, and image can take a back seat to the immediate needs of a go, go, go business. As larger opportunities came into the sales funnel, and the scale of their organization grew, the need for a consistent brand story became urgent.


Getting the team aligned

On the surface it may appear as if everyone in an organization is moving in the same direction, but when we take a step back to observe, inefficiencies and misalignment become obvious. Our Brand Positioning Workshop is designed to take inventory of key stakeholders perspectives and get aligned around a clear brand vision. During this engagement we facilitated several interviews, creative exercises, and most importantly frank discussions to distill down the foundational building blocks of the TopBloc brand.

Unlocking a core idea

There’s really nothing that can replace a client team being in the same room for a few hours and openly discuss what they think of their business and their brand. We believe the diversity of perspectives and opinions should be an organizations strength. Our job is to take the most meaningful marketing ideas and move them into brand elements that will support business initiatives. The first element we delivered was the TopBloc tagline. This is the simplest expression of the brand story and served as our creative touchstone for the brand moving forward. Unleash Something Amazing was designed to inspire prospects to the transformative power of Workday, as well as an internal rallying cry.

Moving from an idea to brand elements

In addition to the positioning, brand narrative and tagline we developed a message platform for TopBloc to be used on their new website and sales materials. We also express the brand visually with an expanded color palette and design element that were the graphic building blocks (no pun intended) for their new website. The results? In a word, Amazing.